Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Deliver world class technology, services and experience to:

  • Empower you to take control of your health information
  • Enable doctors to focus on care, not administration
  • Reduce waste, improve efficiency, control cost

Trillion Dollar Problem

The US spends the most per capita on healthcare than any other developed nation.  Annually, the US spends in excess of $3 trillion for healthcare as a country.  A third of this spending, $1 trillion is “wasteful spending”.

Healthcare waste factors include:

  • excessive administrative costs
  • redundant testing
  • complications due to under or over treatment
  • money spent not attributed to patient care

Healthcare costs are expected to continue to rise over the coming years!  Understandably, the cost of healthcare is the greatest financial concern facing many families’ today.  We can work together to influence change!

A Phased Approach to Transform Health Info Mgmt
Phase I: Earn user adoption


  • Deliver valuable services  from day one
  • Easy, fun to use


  • Consistent user base
  • Vested user ownership of personal health/medical record
  • Changed expectations in health information management

Phase II: Increase value to users and HCPs through integration


  • User consents and delivers health record to HCP system  (no forms)
  • Doctor provides diagnosis, treatment sending updated record back to user


For Health Care Providers:

  • Greatly reduced administrative burden
  • Faster payments while supporting MIPS compliance
  • Medical staff can focus more on care

For Users:

  • More complete knowledge transfer to doctors
  • Eliminate repetitive forms
  • Zero-touch health record maintenance
  • Better care, controlled cost through waste reduction

Key Corporate Values

  • Logos Health will never share your data without your consent. Read our privacy policy.
  • Logos Health is free to use. We will never charge users for core services
  • Logos Health is truly focused on you & not affiliated with any insurance company or medical network

Users who champion change are the key to driving change

About λogos Health

Logos, or λόγος, is Greek meaning (among other things) “spoken word”.  The term Logos often also embodies the logic, meaning, and power within words and is prominent in Greek philosophy and religion.

Marty Markley – Founder

With his unique experience and proven results transforming health informatics supporting hundreds of thousands of Clinical Trial subjects for the world’s largest biotechnology company, Marty brings the vision, passion, and commitment to deliver solutions to bring your health information management from the Stone Age to the Technology Age.


Journal for Clinical Studies Vol. 4 Issue 2 – Transforming SAE Life-cycle Management in Clinical Trials – Enabling a Streamlined Business Process through Electronic Systems

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