Why Logos Health

Healthy living made easier by finally putting you at the center of your health. Enjoy health-enhancing services, a world-class user experience combining voice and mobile and join the cause to control healthcare costs by “making your data work for you”.


From a healthy meal delivered, to managing kids’ vaccines, Logos Health has services designed for your life.

Your Data for Life

Speak (or type), read, use - it yours. Your health at your fingertips - it’s convenient, secure and portable

Expect More

This information age has transformed how we communicate, live, and work. Expect the same for healthcare!

Get in Touch

Please use our convenient contact form to securely reach us. We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Beta Users

To be considered to participate in our pre-release Beta and provide feedback to help shape future direction, contact us and choose your interest as Beta User.

Healthcare Providers

For HCPs who are interested in greatly reducing administrative burdens and streamlining both payment and MIPS objectives, contact us and choose your interest as Healthcare Provider.

Potential Investment Partners

For healthcare investors who agree with our problem statement, opportunity, and approach, contact us and choose your interest as Potential Investor.

Contact Us!

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